Fleet management software

The business world changes - it never stands still - are you ready?
we are ready for you;
with a single, complete and changing trends adaptable system solution, that allows you to manage your fleet individually and gives you direct flexibility, cost efficiency and transparency. Every fleet management is different.
We offer an individualized fleet management system that is adapted to your wishes;
from car configuration to final accounting -
from traffic tickets to claims management -
from automated communication system to document management -
from corporate carscharing to vehicle swap -
from electronic driver’s license control to APR driver instruction- online training -
from APR vehicle inspection to invoice control -
from german/english to multilingual –
from home office to business travel -
from cloud server to inhouse server -
Fully digitized !


automated! digitized! communicated!

Fleet management software

Reduce the effort for the administration of your fleet!

The automated, digitalized, optimized, neutral, independent and agile complete solution for your fleet management - "SPEEDFLEET" - The fleet management software of the new generation.

Pool vehicle dispositions software

Manage your fleet of vehicles or equipment and optimize capacity utilization!

With the vehicle and equipment disposition you receive an electronic drag-drop planning board SpeedFleet-Dispo for your vehicle or equipment fleet. Request, reserve, schedule, stoning, create an electronic logbook.

Electronic driving licence control

The easiest way to get your driving licence checked!

Independent of place and time! The web app "SpeedFleet FS-Check" enables timely reminders, control independent of location and time and much reduced administration effort.

Driver Instruction

learned! tested! documented!

Employees can carry out the prescribed instructions autonomously and independently of time using our training system, thus completing and digitally documenting them at their own pace.

Personnel planning and disposition

Fast, individual, simple, flexible, independent!

With our easy to use software for planning and project management "SPEEDPEP" you can make personnel and duty planning for your company possible.

Perfect for supporting duty scheduling, personnel deployment planning, working time management as well as the required service.

You are faced with the task of filling different functions, working hours and locations with employees. Because no two projects are alike, SpeedPEP's shift planning offers maximum flexibility from the ground up.

Software development

We are your partner for the development of individual software solutions.

Do you need an individual software and/or would you like to change to a new technology with an existing software?

We develop individually according to your specific requirements and combine our solutions and services.
The software adapts to your business processes and can be developed exactly according to your needs.


Six golden reasons for your Yalone IT decision

Customer orientation

We speak your language - we understand your business goals, your wishes, needs and expectations. We translate these for you 1:1 into products, services and interactive processes.

Quality Management

Our products and services always offer you the quick, easy and high-quality solution from one source.

Professional team

High motivation, excellent qualifications and many years of professional experience are our greatest capital - and therefore your advantage!


We constantly strive for the unattainable!
We see ourselves as a long-term partner of our customers in the entrepreneurial sense and grow with the success of our customers.

Sustainability in the future

The changes brought about by technologies and new markets constantly present you with new challenges, which we use to your advantage. We see ourselves as a service provider who recognises these new opportunities early on, masters them and uses them for you in a targeted manner.

Leading technology

We take over and develop innovative solutions based on new technologies ourselves. In doing so, we use the Internet and all modern methods of communication as a means to an end, because the primary goal always remains the optimal solution for you as a customer.

References / Partner

Our customers and partners trust our years of experience
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Thieme GmbH & Co. KG



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Inventory management / Software development

Vergölst GmbH

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Volkswagen Leasing GmbH

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Wandt Spedition Transportberatung GmbH

Inventory management / Software development

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